8"x 8" - Don't have room for a full mural?  You can still enjoy this fun garden image with just a single tile!  When the tile company doesn't have to make these in a full mural where they have to match each tile to the one next to it perfectly they give me a break on the cost.  I'm passing it on to you. Don't worry about having to water or weed this "garden". It just brings you pleasure all year round.

Available as a tile or with a trivet frame.

Each tile is hand painted in the classic style and fired twice for durability and unparalleled appearance. These tiles may be installed indoors or out and in high sunlight environments. They will retain their vibrant color for years. The tiles are  made in the USA  of 42% recycled material. They qualify as a Platinum LEED material for green and sustainable design. 

Available as a tile or with a trivet frame

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