Paintings Into Fabric

My new fabric line is done!  Maywood Studios is selling it to fabric stores across the nation, the line is called "Wild By Nature" by Kathy Deggendorfer. Look at the fabric samples here. Locally you can purchase it at The Stitchin' Post. Click HERE for other locations that sell the kits. 

Some of the most beautiful and finest color and fabric quality I've ever worked with! So excited to see what everyone makes out of these fabrics!  Send me your photos and we'll post them on our website and social media.

If you look closely you'll see that the inspiration was from this year's Quilt Show Poster... "Infinite Stitches". I repainted 10"x10" squares of each of the patterns in the piece and it was skillfully recreated in wonderful fabrics. I did several paintings from these patterns to create ideas for quilt patterns.










Wild By Nature Vineyard Piece

A big blank canvas on stretcher bars---a gift from a friend ---sits in the corner of studio—looking forlorn.  It looks like a dog who really wants to go for a walk but keeps getting ignored.  Poor canvas… how did it wander into this watercolorists studio???  I think I have solved the solution and this poor canvas will finally get to go on that “walk”.   

The “Wild By Nature” fabric line by Maywood Studios is comprised of lots of my little patterns. I thought if I could use the fabric like paint I could create an interesting piece that could be stretched over that canvas.  The varied stripes ,in green, reminded me of the vines in the field, the brown version of that looks just like the plowed red earth of the Dundee Hills.  The spots and dots easily transformed into the maple and alder trees that line the vineyards and the little crosshatch translated nicely into the “tasting room” I planted in the center. 

I designed, cut and fused the pieces with some real satisfaction… quilting the piece has become — problematic.   Luckily, I live in a place where there are masters of just those skills I was missing— Here is the image as it was designed and fused.   I’m still waiting for the piece to come back from the quilter to stretch it on the canvas and finally get that dog to go on it’s walk!

Here's a design that was done by Cris Hartman. She used my tile design 'Infinite Stitches' that inspired the whole fabric line and then put some of the fabric around the tile. Here is her inspiration for the piece.

"I was inspired by a photo shared on the SOQS site that showed one of the framing shops in Sisters who had framed one of Kathy's tiles. I've admired Kathy's artwork for years, and when I saw her tile this year, I had the idea of wrapping matting with some of the coordinating fabric and featuring her ceramic trivet as a piece of art rather than a trivet. I've gotten lots of positive comments from friends who have seen it in my home. I got the frame from Aaron Brothers, and worked with one of their employees to figure out how to best make this, recutting some matting, and used fabric glue and 505 as an adhesive for putting the fabric onto the matting. It was a fun project, and I am enjoying the fruits of my labor as well as Kathy's great artwork! Her artwork just brings a smile to my face!"  - Cris Rohn Hartman