In the News

Hey look who owns two of my tiles! The sweet and talented musician Ruthie Foster!

Kate Brown, Oregon's Governor is a Proud Owner of my Painting

"Mount Bachelor and Bright Snow" is being installed at the Governor's Residence! This is a note from the executive director of the Oregon Historical Society...

"Thought you would want to know that my museum staff and I made the decision to make your original central Oregon painting part of the OHS collection, and tonight I am going to present it to the Governor as a loan for display in Mahonia Hall. The Governor’s office traditionally borrows art and furniture from our collection for use in Mahonia, and we thought your painting would make an ideal addition! So now you can say that your works hang in the Governor’s residence!"

See the fabric from paintings I made that can be made into quilts.

Wild By Nature Kathy Deggendorfer Fabric

My new fabric line is done and will be in stores soon! "Wild By Nature" by Kathy Deggendorfer. Some of the most beautiful and finest color and fabric quality I've ever worked with! So excited to see just what everyone makes out of these fabrics!

Editorial Cartoon

New experience! I just got my first Editorial Cartoon published! Right in our very own Sister Nugget Newspaper. You probably know that we've been experiencing some arm wrestling, elbow bumping, downright shoving kinda showdown out in one of my favorite little Eastern Oregon towns--- Burns. I kept seeing the Bundy's in that same old blue plaid insulated jacket and I couldn't help dressing one of the "locals" in the same outfit. I think the original inhabitants might have something to say about the I gave my guy a Red Rider BB gun. Hopefully he won't shoot his eye out. 








Watch the video about the creation of the tile mural project that I did for the St. Charles Cancer center.


1859 Oregon Magazine Article about my work