2016 Quilt Show Poster

Infinite Stitches
Mark your calendar to get your copy of the 2016 poster autographed at these “Meet the Artist” receptions hosted at The Stitchin’ Post:

Thursday, July 7 – Poster Signing 3:30pm-4:30pm

Saturday, July 9 – Poster Signing 8:30am-12pm, Quilt Show Day - THE STITCHIN' POST

It is an honor to have created the image that symbolizes the 2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. “Infinite Stitches” was a beautiful theme to interpret as a painting. I was inspired to create the poster by the hanging flower baskets that line the streets of Sisters. They are like colorful quilts in themselves with great mixtures of color and texture.

Years ago I spent time in Oaxaca Mexico and bought several floral embroidered bags. Those colorful flowers and that beautiful stitching spoke to the theme. I am also inspired by the work of my friends Sue Spargo and Tonye Belinda Phillips who do such amazing applique and elaborate floral work on their quilts with thread and fabric.

The hanging basket is framed by the Three Sisters Mountains on the top and by Ponderosa Pines on the sides. I hear Quilt Show attendees say coming to Sisters and breathing our mountain air, with it’s delightful sprinkle of ponderosa pine scent, provides them vivid memories to carry home. I hope that this poster reminds them of a wonderful creative time in their lives and the warm reception they received here in Sisters.