Rabbitbrush yellows and Sagebrush blues! February 11 2014

Working on the foreground for the tile murals...  lots of fun with color and shapes!

Birds In The Garden Show February 07 2014

In between waiting for glazes to dry and tiles to be arranged I'm still working on other projects.  Here's a little sample piece I did for my June/July Show here at my studio called " Birds in the Garden".    Sure beats looking out the window at snow, snow, snow!

TILES, TILES,TILES! February 04 2014

My big studio is full of white tiles.... 24 feet of blank ceramic waiting to be filled with color.

Intimidating? YES.  Exciting?  YOU BET.  It is actually really complex when you change mediums-- you know,  a bit like you decide one day to speak only French because you love crepes.  Dumb you say?  Yes, but it STRETCHES you!   HA.

Hang's happening.  


Astoria and my paintbrush January 24 2014

My friend Steve Fick, from Fishhawk Fisheries in Astoria, let me spend time sketching on his dock a few weeks ago while they unloaded fresh caught Oregon salmon and crab. This painting will be part of my show this summer about Oregon Foods, Farms and Fisheries.  "Salmon is king but crab means cash". This piece is "in progress".

Working on the Tile Mural sample paintings January 18 2014

Here's the progress on the color image samples for the mural at St. Charles. I have done 5 of these now. Two of the first panel and one each of panels Two and Three. Now I have to decide just how I will treat the sagebrush in the can see in the piece that I'm pointing to that the plants in the foreground are rimmed in blue ( like sage) -- the piece behind my arm is more golden (like rabbitbrush)... hmmm. What do you think?













Working in the BIG Studio! January 03 2014

The commission I'm working on for the new Cancer Center at St Charles Medical Center in Bend is BIG. That means I need a big space to work. I have taken over the classroom space at Sisters Art Works and I am loving it!  The project for St Charles is 24 feet long and in tile... that means I needed to do the drawings, create the images, blow them up to the size for the installation. Here I am working on the drawings to scale.  



Website Launch! January 02 2014

Yahoo!   Finally I am getting an awesome website where people can actually see my work and ORDER it!   Don't fail me now peeps!!!