Photo Shoots and other fun stuff! March 19 2014

Last week I was hip deep working on the St. Charles Cancer Center tile mural and working on a few paintings for the High Desert Museum show that featured Rainshadow Organics--( yay... purple cabbage and lots of tall spiky leeks and garlic tops) when I got a call from 1859 Magazine to do a photo shoot in the studio.  

Oh no... no time to lose 50 lbs, have a facelift, work on my core muscles---eeek!  
With help from my buddy Molly who does my hair, Janit at Bedouin who found me a great colored top, and Tambi Lane kind photographer it all seemed to work well. Watch for the article in the May/June issue of 1859 Magazine...  see if she really airbrushed out my double chin!